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SharePoint Facebook Timeline
Wednesday, June 01, 2016
The free "Facebook Timeline" Web Part allows to embed the Timeline of the specified Facebook timeline. The users can like and share the posts without having to leave SharePoint.

The web part can be used on SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online/Office365. .. more..
SharePoint Toast Notifcations
Wednesday, June 01, 2016
The Toast Notification SharePoint solution lets you centrally manage notifications and alerts targeted to all users or specific user groups.
It reads entries from the included SharePoint List and displays notifications targeted to either selectedgroups or all users during the specified time window as configured for each notification.
The solutioncan be used on SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016and SharePoint Online/Office365. .. more..
Upcoming Events Web Part
Thursday, January 01, 2015
The Upcoming Events Web Part displays the upcoming appointments of the selected Sharepoint Calendar.
The Web Part can be used with Windows Sharepoint Services V3, MOSS 2007, Sharepoint 2010 and Sharepoint 2013. 
A property filter, the field template, header & footer text, the data refresh interval and the number of items to be displayed can be configured. The web part expands both recurring and multi-day events... more..
Free Sharepoint Web Parts
Wednesday, July 01, 2009
The following Sharepoint Web Part are now available for download:

the Digital ClockSharepoint Web Part displays the current date and time
the Stock Chart Web Part displays a chart for a selected stock symbol
the Stock Quotes Web Part displays stock quotes provided by MSN Money Central
the Daily Dilbert Web Part displays the daily Dilbert comic strip provided by
the Random Quote of the Day Web Part displays a randomly selected quote
the Spotlight On.. Web Part displays a randomly selected "Spotlight On" entry
the Tip of the Day Web Part displays a randomly selected Tip of the Day
the Picture Lightbox Web Part displays the content of a selected Sharepoint Picture Library as a lightbox
the Weather Web Part displaysthe current weather and forecast for a selected location
the Slideshow Web Part displaysthe content of a Sharepoint Picture Library as a slideshow
the Twitter Web Part allows to display the Tweets of the specified Twitter search or Twitter user
the CurrencyRates Web Part displaysup-to-date currency rateinformation
the MediaPlayerRotator Web Partselects a random media file fromthe specified Sharepoint Library
the Google Map Chart Web Partallows to chart Sharepoint List data as a geographical map
the GoogleChart Web Partallows to chart Sharepoint List data as pie charts, line and bar charts
the Bullet Graph Web Partallows to gauge Sharepoint List data asa Bullet Graph
the RSS Feed Ticker Web Partdisplays an external RSS Feed or a Sharepoint Listasa News ticker
the SQL Query Viewer Web Partqueries external SQL Server databases and displays the query result
the Google Map Web Partmaps geographic data contained in Sharepoint Lists
the Quick Poll and Quick Survey Web Partsallow to quickly publish simple user polls
the Audio Player Web Partallows to play back MP3 files
the Google Geo Mapper Web Partallows to map Sharepoint List data using Google Maps
the SQL Chart Web Partallows to chart data selected from a SQL Server or OLE-DB/ODBC data source.
the Exchange Calendar Web Part shows Microsoft Exchange 2007 user calendar data.
the Audio Podcast Web Partplaysthe most recent episodes from a podcast feed in an embedded MP3 player.
the Image Rotator Web Partdisplays a random image selected from a Sharepoint Picture Library.
the User Spotlight Web Partselects a random user entry fromthe MOSS User Profile Store.
the Staff Directory Web Part reads the user entries from the MOSS User Profile Storeas a list.
the Birthday& Anniversaries Reminder Web Partgets selected user entries from the MOSS User Profile.
the Google Earth Web Partmaps geographic data contained in Sharepoint Lists.
the Banner Rotator Web Partrotates banner imagescontained in a Sharepoint Picture Library.
the List View Web Partallows to display Lists from all Sites in the Site Collection. Most Web Parts can be used bothwith Windows Sharepoint Services V3, MOSS 2007, SP2010 and SP 2013.
.. more..

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